About the Adobe Creative Pursuit

From August 15 to October 15, Adobe is introducing a new way to demonstrate your ability and originality within a creative community.

To the University students who love to design and stretch their imagination beyond barriers, we are calling out!

Adobe Creative Pursuit is a student-driven competition — with a twist.  You’ll digitally race to collect as many points as you can and see your efforts rewarded, if you have what it takes.

Competition Dates

Start date: August 15, 2017

End date: October 15, 2017

Distribution of prizes and announcement of winners: Winners will be contacted via their student email following the end of the competition.

Participation Steps

Discover how your creativity and imagination can help you win the Adobe Creative Pursuit race.

  1. Participants who register must create a profile on the Adobe Creative Pursuit website and elect to participate in either the “Beginner” tier or the “Expert” tier.

  2. Participants will complete a quick, compulsory survey during registration that will automatically reward them with points and their first badge.

  3. Participants can earn points in three key ways:
  • Submissions: Create and submit artworks on the Adobe Creative Pursuit website that reflect the theme of the year, Capturing culture with creativity. Students will also have the opportunity to engage by voting for other artworks submitted in the competition. When submitting artwork, students must write in 25 words or less on which sub-culture it best applies to and why.

  • Quizzes: Learn new tricks and techniques by watching video tutorials, and test their knowledge through quizzes.

  • Surveys: Give us valuable insights and feedback on their Creative Cloud and competition experience through surveys.

  1. There will be separate leaderboards for the “Beginner” tier and the “Expert” tier that will rank participants based on the number of points they have earned, so students must be quick to secure their position.

  2. To be eligible for a prize, participants must earn a total of three badges during the competition. Once they earn all three badges, they will earn bonus points.
  • Submission Badge: Awarded once you have uploaded at least 1 artwork reflecting your creative skills and abilities.

  • Quiz Badge: Awarded once you have completed a total of 3 quizzes. (Final quiz coming soon)

  • Survey Badge: Unlocked once you have completed all three of the following surveys:
    1. Registration Survey

    2. Creative Cloud Survey

    3. Post-Competition Survey

  1. At the conclusion of the competition, prizes will be awarded to the winners based on their standing on the two leaderboards.

Tiered Participation

Adobe Creative Pursuit is a competition for all types of students, allowing them to participate in either the “Beginner” tier or the “Expert” tier.

Points System

Competition Theme

Culture is central to society today, encompassing a range of different ideas, customs, people, and histories.

To foster an appreciation for the uniqueness of every person’s culture, Adobe Creative Pursuit has selected the following theme for 2017: 

"Capturing Culture with Creativity"

Students who enter the competition will be required to submit an artwork and describe in 25 words which of the following sub-themes their creation best applies to and why. Students must also outline how they have reflected their artistic skills to depict the theme.

  • Culture & People
  • Culture & Food
  • Culture & Events
  • Culture & Location
  • Culture & Entertainment


At the conclusion of the competition, prizes will be awarded based on participants’ rank on the leaderboard.
View the Prizes page here for more information.

Remember, the more points you earn, the better you rank.

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